The Ultimate Guide to Careers in Marketing

Working in marketing isn’t all advertising jingles and billboard mock ups. Working hours will often be the standard nine-to-five though you may find yourself working longer if attending events or close to the end of a project. There are often opportunities for travel, both in the UK and abroad. Networking is a big part of the industry and you may end up combining your working and social lives. Seeing the results on billboards can be hugely satisfying and provide a fulfilment that is lacking elsewhere. Keeping everyone happy can be a challenge but can also be quite exciting. Such a fast-paced industry can also be a challenge, but one that some people relish.

Marketing is all about promoting the goods or services of an organisation and takes place in all areas of industry. It involves researching markets and planning how best to promote and distribute products. It’s important to have an understanding of consumers and build up good relationships with suppliers and clients when you’re working in a marketing role but what does it really take? Jobs with companies like are open to graduates of any degree, though a qualification in marketing or communications may give you an advantage. You may work for an agency or in-house, either as part of a dedicated department or allied to the PR or communications department. Many large organisations will have a dedicated marketing stream as part of their graduate scheme, or offer a marketing placement as part of their rotations. Smaller companies may occasionally offer marketing assistant roles.

They are less likely to have a structured scheme but will provide on-the-job training to enable you to build the practical skills required.

Speculative applications can be a good way in, particularly to smaller companies, but ensure you have researched the organisation well and expressed your skills and abilities through your CV and covering letter. Careers fairs and other networking events can be a good way of finding contacts and help you get into a role. Specialist agencies can also be a good way of breaking into the sector.

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) suggests that the average starting salary for marketing roles is a very reasonable £22,000, though this may differ considerably if you are employed within the marketing department of a business that operates in a different sector. Salaries of £50,000 and beyond are not unknown for senior roles. Agencies are typically a freer, if more high-pressured environment. The client cannot walk over to your desk every hour to check your progress, but there is more riding on success. There is more variety available, and a stronger sense of teamwork. You can gripe to each other about the client because you won’t be working for them forever.

Working in-house will mean that you are quite focused; responding to the needs of the business. However, you may find yourself performing the same tasks year after year. What’s more, there will be company politics to deal with. On the plus side, you will know the company more intimately, and be better positioned to answer its needs.


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Video Corporate Production Can Help Your Business Improve

There are many things for you to use in regards to video making. After thevideo, making has become the most common use today. Many people already prefer watching Youtube videos, and TV commercials/infomercials, because they are more effective than reading books or listening to theaudio sound. Audio sound can help, but watching video is a preferable choice. The video use has become popular as of late, so it is natural that business corporation follows suit. After all, having a presentation with the help of video will explain your plans and opinion more effectively. It has done a lot in the past, and it has done a lot more in the present, in the future will become a part of the community.


Not only video presentation helps you discuss important things to your team, but it can also help train you trainees for their job. Having them attend a seminar with a video presentation will give them an idea, and an educated lesson that they will learn. It will surely give them something to think about. Another use for the video, you can use it as a marketing tool.

After all, the use of video presentation has become a popular norm. It has become a familiar tool to be used for every presentation that is available. There are also services where Video Corporate Production offer their assistance and technical skills in making their clients videos if you as a client lack the time in making the video or you do not have the knowledge to make said video. This is where companies offer their expertise to you because they have the right equipment to make the video perfect. If the video that you were hoping to make involves some advertisement, a short film or a quick video but the video must have special effects to bring in the attention of the crowd.

If you are concern about something, then do not hesitate in asking your questions. For the people who are experts in the video production will happily explain to you on how the process will go. They will patiently tell you the cost, how it works and how to go about it in making your video. If you also have opinions, comments or suggestions that you need to add or remove from the videos content, then they will do them. No need to be so quiet, they are happy to follow your orders because you are their client. They will even make sure that the content of the video has the impact of the message, including the company’s brand. Everything will be present, and the video will be perfect for viewing.

In regards to posting it online, you are interested in web video, and then also are available. They will also help you in that department. So whatever options that you have it all depends on you, for you have a specialist who can make the video and have it done before the allotted date that you wanted it to be released.

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The Essential Skills you need in Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeships

student-849825_960_720Aside from the technical skills that you have in digital marketing and social media it is essential that you also have other skills that can help you in being successful in this field. Whether you already have the skill to analyze and research for the content you need for your advertisement it is still good to have the other skill that can make the job easier for you. The digital marketing and social media apprenticeships are one way to show those essentials that you can carry on until you are in the real and amazing world of the digital marketing and social media.

As an example the website is up to digital marketing and social media apprentices that they can help in showing up their skills. These skills related to marketing like SEO, web design and development, know how to interact with people to get the target market audience and others. These skills are all essential to be part of the digital marketing team. The social media apprentices must have the ability to manage any social media platforms and to implement effective marketing campaigns through social media.

But those are the technical skills that the apprentices need. How about their skills that no one can have? It is their inner skills like their attitudes and positivity in what they are doing. It is great if the digital marketing and social media apprentices can be patient in what they are doing. As an apprentice you are in the stage of formally learning about different skills in digital marketing and social media. This means you have to have the positive attitudes towards work.

Apprentices need to treat apprenticeships as serious work as well because if you have a good performance you can be absorbed by the company where you are working as apprentice. They can get you because of your dedication at work. So as an apprentice you must possess these essential skills or attitudes: enthusiastic, creative, patient and dedicated at work, with good understanding, and a team player, observant, respectful and know how to interact with many types of people.

As you will notice all those that you can see as the essential skills of the digital marketing and social media apprentices are good and positive attitudes. This is because the job is going to be tough once you go on and become a digital marketer and social media manager. Though the apprenticeship is already a job however it is not the same as a full time job. It is a learning curve you need to become a successful one.

You can consider the to be your mentor in developing your digital marketing skills. While you are under apprenticeships you are earning while learning. This means that the company is benefitting on your skills and you are benefitting more as well. So with the right attitude you can be with a company that can help you more and that you can help as well. That is because of your positivity at work.

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Ways to Embrace the Great Outdoors in Melbourne

You’ve seen the sports stadiums at their finest, you’ve watched surfers carve up with waves with their surfboards, you’ve sampled superb cuisine and you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped. How else can you relax on your trip to Melbourne? What else is there to do that can excite you but relax you all at the same time? Have you thought about Melbourne’s natural landscapes?

Melbourne is of course, a hotbed of culture, noise and city life. Clubs, pubs, bars and blossoming skyscrapers that reach endlessly toward the sky and that can be wonderful. It can also be a little crowded sometimes. So let’s think of ways you can embrace the great outdoors in Melbourne. With a city of four million people in front of you, it’s easy to forget there’s more than just museums to look at.


Surround yourself with green. I know that sounds, well, rather bizarre. But there’s nothing like utilising your serviced apartments’ kitchen facilities and packing yourselves a picnic the night before a day out. Take yourself into nature and surround yourself with wildlife, age old trees and extremely well-manicured lawns. There’s a pocket of tranquillity in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Short Term Accommodation Melbourne

  • The Royal Botanical Gardens have been around since the mid-1880s and are a labyrinth of winding trees, weaving paths and wide stretching lawns. Spread out that picnic and breathe in the green!
  • There are over 10,000 individual species in the Botanical Gardens but one thing you will find here better than anywhere else is the Moonlight Cinema. Advance screenings, new releases and cult movies all on the Central Lawn, snuggle down with a drink and a nibble and enjoy a film under the stars.
  • If you’re a fan of the water, Melbourne’s many beaches and waterside cafes are for you. St Kilda is a very popular spot for a dip as is Elwood but if you prefer to get on a boat, Hampton and Sandringham are not far.
  • Hampton Beach isn’t only a tranquil place to relax but it’s great for families with a playground and a cycling path nearby for the exercise-conscious. The beach is safe, sandy and perfect for a day lounging and breathing in that ocean-rich air.
  • The original inhabitants of Melbourne were the Wurundjeri people and over in Fitzroy Gardens, you can visit the Scarred Tree, an ancient relic. Beautiful scenery packed with history so your day out is two-fold without even trying!
  • The highest point of land in the city is located at Flagstaff Gardens, so after a long day of exploring you can wind down and enjoy a meal outdoors overlooking the city around you. A small piece of tranquillity in the inner city.

No matter what your choice of activity, visiting and booking your holiday accommodation will be the best choice you make. Central apartments with flexible check in and excellent parking facilities are all you need on your visit to Melbourne. Make it count!

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What to Do to Hire the Best SEO Company

What to Do to Hire the Best SEO Company

If you are hoping to tap the service of SEO experts at to help you get a better footing in your online site ranking and get more visibility on the web, you need to make sure that you are referring to the right people. While you may have a plenty of choices to select from, you have to remember that not every single one will be a good enough option for you. This is why you need to know what should be taken into account so you get the best providers there are.


Be aware that there are certain factors that you want to consider first before you decide. It helps a lot that you take the time to take a closer look at these factors so you are sure that by the end of the day, you only get those that can make a real difference to how you are faring so far, you may not be at an ideal rank when it comes to the search results and these providers may be the answer towards getting you more gravity where your online presence goes.

Always remember that quality SEO is going to cost a lot of money, do not expect to get the best service from the cheapest company that you find, still, it is not reassurance too, that you are getting the best there is simply because you are paying for the most expensive offer. You will need to make sure that you do due diligence to really find out more details about these companies and to decide whether they would be worth their salt.

SEO concept

Many people often make the mistake of that prevalent mentality where the lowest deal is the best deal. Not this time. If you want to get the best service, you have to be willing to pay the costs involved as well. Of course you will also need to find out what are the things that you can do to ensure that you will indeed end up with people that will not be disappointing when it comes to transforming the performance of your site rank-wise.

Get a good look at their sales process. this is always a good way for you to determine what are the things that you can expect from these firms in the long run when they are in the processor trying to convince you to get on with what they are offering, they will want to see to it that they have their best foot forward. If you notice that there are inconsistencies with the way they deal with potential clients like you on this stage, expect that this is only likely going to get worse in the long run. So, if there are red flags that you are noticing now, better ditch them for a different name on your prospect list.

See if they offer proper reporting too. You need to be kept abreast of what they are doing and how they are doing so far with the techniques that they are employing to help improve your overall ranking. You need to see too that there will be dedicated people for you to call and refer to should you have questions. Customer service is also a very crucial factor when you have to decide which SEO company you should be referring to.

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Advantages of Customizing Office Supplies

Advantages of Customizing Office Supplies

Many big and small businesses chose to have supplies used every day customized to reflect their brand design and logo. There is a lot of reason behind this. One is to strengthen the brand and the rest is to improve relationships inside and outside the office walls. Here are some of the benefits of customizing materials your employees use.

It Breaks the Boredom

Imagine yourself working at your desk dealing with a lot of customer disputes and paper works as supporting documents and then finding your friends and your own face on a company folder with your brands logo and slogan. Wouldn’t you feel better seeing that you are part of what makes the business you are working under? Your employee will feel much more valued when they see that they are part of the company shown in customized items used in the office daily.

It strengthens the Brand

When you have your own personalized logos, writing pads and presentation folders this gives your clients and people outside of your business an impression that you are a business with a distinct identity. This will help a lot in building a positive image for your brand in the minds of your potential clients and customers. A nice design and an effective marketing theme embedded in your office supplies can go a long way in getting you the numbers you’ve been dreaming of.

Cost Effective Marketing

Writing pads, or envelopes and folders are something that we end up providing our customers on a daily basis. This is a missed opportunity for marketing if you do not customize these items. You would want to take advantage of the opportunity for your brand to be seen and noticed by other people who may have a need for your products and services. Customizing office supplies is hitting two birds at the same time, it allows you to build your brand’s identity and at the same time seize every chance to market and advertise your services.

Financial advisor and client handshaking

Helps Build Customer Relationship

A beautifully designed writing pad or presentation folder will surely capture your customers’ attention. Surely it will become an occasional subject for conversation. When this happens your simple office supplies becomes a catalyst that sparks relationship between your employees and your customers.

Promotes third Party Partnerships

Customizing your office supplies will require you to work with a third party to create the design and produce the actual products. This can be a testing ground for you on how to best deal with partnerships in the future. Having customized supplies will also create the impression that you are a serious and legitimate business giving your prospective partners the confidence to shake hands with you. Though it does little in closing deals, it can go a long way in setting the stage for more meaningful partnerships.

Office supplies used daily can be associated with work stress. You can break this impression by changing the look of these items to reflect what your brand stands for. Customized items and designs are available through

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What  Are The  Types Of Printing?

What Are The Types Of Printing?

You may wonder what printing businesses do and who runs a business like this as there are a lot of companies that do this business. There are also areas in a company that consist of the marketing department and they are responsible for creating printable materials and letting the market know about the product through different printables.


Printing an image or design in a calendar can be done through a computer. Everything now is run through a computer as there are beautiful templates and softwares you can choose from. This works with the right materials and the right  equipment. Running a business like this is hard work as there is are also a lot of big and small machines to be included in this business. So what could be these different  types of printing machines.

  1. Relief printing – this is the simplest form of printing. This type of printing print both sides of the materials and the most commonly used nowadays , newspapers is one of the materials that is printed on a paper and makes already a thousand of copies . This is also practiced in flexography and letterpress.
  2. Offset Printing – lithography is one of the best examples of this type of printing. This is like stone waxing and printing. Nowadays the stone no longer works for this but a printing plate metal is already used.
  3. Gravure Printing – this Is more of engraving ad artist drawing on a plate. This kind of printing style takes a lot of time and a lot of work and by this reason  you are able to give out or produced a little amount of work. One of the product that can it make are the glossy picture and magazines.
  4. Silk Screen Printing – this is usually done with t-shirt printing. It uses a mesh screen to transfer the color from the screen to the shirt.
  5. Collotype – this is the kind of printing that deals with photograph. This is still in use today as it can print high quality and good quality pictures and images.
  6. Calendar printing –t his is one of the most in demand type of printing. It only uses the computer for everything it needs. You must only have the right computer , right materials and right combination of having perfect calendar printing. With the right measurement, exact color and right type of calendar material is what it needs. You only need to choose the theme, layout and design for your calendar printing,

Printing comes in different  colors like black, white, color printing and gray scale type of printing. But nowadays this is already very easy because there are already computer software and template you can always look online. You can check out for more help in the future. This can really help you with anything, As everything will be done in an easy ,manner and that the right colors will always enhance the kind of product you are presenting.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Dealing With Table Talker Providers

Do’s and Don’ts When Dealing With Table Talker Providers

 Do make sure that if you have pictures on your table talkers, they are high quality or they have good large resolution because the look that you can see on the screen would be a lot different than what you will be able to see in person. Having a good quality picture on your table talkers will make your customers think that you really put in much effort in those table talkers, and since you put in much effort in those table talkers, that means that they can also expect that you put in much more effort when it comes to your business, like through those table talkers, customers can see if you have a serious business going on or if it is just purely for fun. Therefore, how your table talkers look like will represent you as well in doing business, if customers see that you have poor quality pictures on your table talkers, they might think that you are do not have good quality of service as well.


Do choose a table talkers supplier that has a quick turnaround time like at for example. This is because you do not want to waste a single time just for table talkers, you need to have a supplier that can provide you a quick turnaround time because you also have deadlines, and to make sure that you are also getting quality products then you can get them as early as you can since they have a quick turnaround time then that means that you will still have enough time to check ever quality table talkers and have enough spare of time when something goes wrong. It’s not like you are already thinking that something will go wrong , it just that you need to allocate some time for those things, you need to be open minded because no one is perfect and as well as the situations, there would something that can go wrong so you need to be prepared for it when that time comes.

Do not mess with table talkers company, do not act like or assume that you know everything in terms of the process and the advantages and disadvantages in order to produce table talkers. You do not want to sound cocky when dealing with table talkers because you hired them because you need them and you trust them that they will do the best that they can do. Now if you really believe that you know better than the table talkers suppliers that you hired them might as well do not push through the transaction and make them all by yourself since you know the process anyway and you think you know a lot better than them. What you need to do is to make things clear to them as what you want to happen or what finish product you want to have, you need to make it clear to them like crystal clear as early as possible because after all, what matters is the finish product of your table talkers and your relationship with the table talkers company because that might not be the last time that you will be needing them, keep professionalism on point at all times.

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