How Do Digital Marketing Agencies Work?

In virtually all areas of digital marketing, you are dealing with a large number of unknowns.

The best search marketers on the planet will admit that they cannot guarantee where your site will rank in a year’s time, let alone one month. The same can be said for social media marketers, content marketers etc. As such, predicted outcomes are usually nothing more than calculated guesses. If you’re working with an experienced consultant, the likelihood is that it’ll be a pretty good guess, out even the best marketers are susceptible to overestimating their abilities, and not taking into account external factors. One of the best thing you can do, as a client, to mitigate against this is to separate fact from speculation, and differentiate outputs from outcomes. Ask your consultant to explain what aspects of their proposal are based on speculation, and what is/isn’t guaranteed.

Replace as many unknowns (e.g. revenue estimates, traffic estimates, and conversion rates) with real numbers, and be conservative. Better to be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly surprised.

Once you’re happy with your consultant’s strategy and forecasts, expect them. In a famous experiment, Harvard professor Robert Rosenthal found that the expectations of those around us do influence our results, even when those people never share their expectations with us. Digital marketing is a process that takes time to reach a desired result. Think of it like running a bath – you can’t turn the tap on and have a full bath in a matter of seconds. Unlike running a bath, which fills at a linear rate (if you run a bath for twice as long it’ll be twice as full), digital marketing growth tends to happen exponentially in growth spurts. Take this website for example – here’s a screenshot of our traffic: Of course, the work in the first twelve months contributed to the 600% growth spurt, but imagine if I had fired the digital marketer (in this instance, myself) after the six-month milestone on the basis that we had only achieved a tiny amount of growth during this period? Had that been the case, I think it’s unlikely we would have grown by 600% in months 12-16.

The flip side of the coin is that you probably pay your consultant on a linear monthly retainer. It’s understandable that many clients get itchy feet when they find that there has been very little growth after months of paying for consultancy. So, when is enough – enough? Ultimately, it depends on a number of variables, such as the age of the business, the amount of time spent by the consultant, and the type of digital marketing campaign in question. For example, it typically takes longer to generate results from an SEO or content marketing campaign, than a paid search or social advertising campaign. Companies like can help you with your search. That said, virtually all aspects of digital marketing grow gradually, and then suddenly. If you’re not seeing a gradual improvement in your campaign over the first six months, it might be time to investigate the reason why. In defence of the great digital marketers who sometimes don’t achieve desired results, a lack of tangible results can be due to the client’s business model, or unwillingness / inability to implement recommendations quickly. Generally speaking, though, the issue is most likely to reside in the consultant’s strategy, especially if the business has achieved good results in the past.

If this is the case, be patient, but be ready to move on if you suspect your consultant isn’t being effective or generating the results they anticipated.

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Which Document Management System Is Right For Your Business?

Have you ever wondered how often you’re working on the latest version of a document? An electronic document management system has built in version control which allows you to automatically version documents with timestamps and date additions and ensure that a full document history is available to you whenever you want to see it. Usually it can get confusing if more than one person is working on the same document and the issue there is having multiple copies of the same document!

Online electronic management systems are full of regulated content which can be extremely sensitive and having adequate security is imperative. This becomes hard to achieve with paper or file share based documents. Being able to show traceability of documents can be a requirement for some companies. A lot of companies are still stuck in the past when it comes to the world of paper. They don’t want to generally move away from their comfort zone and change over to regulated online documentations. There are often technical, financial and operational barriers when it comes to implementing electronic document management systems but there are also a lot of benefits to be had when the systems are in place. As companies such as would tell you, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and if you choose to move away from paper and into a cloud system. Ensuring you have backups of everything is imperative for the success of your transition over to electronic document management systems. As mentioned before, if you don’t know what content you have it can be difficult to ensure that the content is backed up. Having an uploaded cloud system as well as an online system and then having a paper trail on top means that if there was a fire which damaged the paperwork, you’re backed up in the new system and should there be a flood that damages the computers, you’re backed up in the cloud!

Back up your backups at all times. Electronic document management systems centralise all your records and encourages the creation of these records in one location. This allows for much easier retrieval! Electronic document management frees your staff from the total chore that is bulk paper filing and additional tools help streamline work processes even further. The same documents can be filed under more than one heading and it will help to reference your work. This isn’t possible with paper documents unless you photocopy lots of copies of the same information but this actually creates more work and more paper documentation and what we are trying to achieve is lessening that! Lastly, moving over to an electronic documentation system actually frees up your floor space in the office. Moving out of the filing cabinets and into the cloud means all those cabinets taking valuable room away from the office can go! You’ll be able to move the office around a bit or add more staff should you be able to afford to.

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Coping With Work During The Summer

Summer in the UK is never a guarantee everyone knows that. Some months do nothing but rain but stay warm, and other months are so cold you can’t bear to expose any skin outside. In recent years, summer time in England has left us all baking and this has caused a huge rise for travel agents as people book their summer holidays. We all love a good summer holiday and the idea of spending the entirety of July and August in the stuffy environment of the office without a break away to fresh air and sandy beaches is just the worst.

Thankfully, July and August are the quietest business times of the year. This is usually because management of businesses have disappeared off for a couple of weeks and with the air conditioning ramped up and everyone sweating it out in the office, it can be a pretty miserable few weeks of overheated boredom. To make the summer easier, ensuring you have the right equipment and computer programmes installed can make office life that bit simpler. If you’re using the right File Solutions then you are guaranteed to have things more comfortable. Where it’s not possible to book a holiday for the entirety of the summer, we’ve put together some top tips for you to be as comfortable as possible while working in the office this summer.

  • Take your lunches. Take a long walk and if you’re fortunate enough to work near a body of water or a park, take your lunch there and sit in the shade. Make the most of your break time. Soak up the vitamin D from the sun and pretend you are going to be in the sunshine. It’ll lift your mood and make you shake off the office humidity for at least an hour.
  • Organise a picnic for your colleagues. Does your company hold any kind of summer shindig? Maybe that could be your job! Summer can be long especially in the city and while you’re sitting working on storage of documents for the next quarter you could be choosing a location of your next party with your colleagues.
  • Get that heartrate up. Okay so we understand it’s roasting hot in the office but on those lunch breaks going for cooling walks in the shade and getting that heartrate up, especially if you have a shower room in your office building you can cool off really fast!
  • Air condition. While not everyone has the same tolerance for higher temperatures it rings true that not everyone has the same tolerance of low temperatures. Grab the office together and those who need it to be cooler can have it on half the day while the other side of the office wear cardigans. After lunch, compromise and use desk fans so the others don’t have to spend their days wearing winter clothes to the office. There is always a compromise.
  • Rethink the wardrobe. Don’t come to work in knee high boots or thick tights. You will boil in your seat. Make sure you rethink your work wardrobe and buy in some floaty clothing to keep cool in an otherwise warm environment. Keep it work appropriate though, hot pants are not the one to wear to meetings in the boardroom.
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The Ultimate Guide to Careers in Marketing

Working in marketing isn’t all advertising jingles and billboard mock ups. Working hours will often be the standard nine-to-five though you may find yourself working longer if attending events or close to the end of a project. There are often opportunities for travel, both in the UK and abroad. Networking is a big part of the industry and you may end up combining your working and social lives. Seeing the results on billboards can be hugely satisfying and provide a fulfilment that is lacking elsewhere. Keeping everyone happy can be a challenge but can also be quite exciting. Such a fast-paced industry can also be a challenge, but one that some people relish.

Marketing is all about promoting the goods or services of an organisation and takes place in all areas of industry. It involves researching markets and planning how best to promote and distribute products. It’s important to have an understanding of consumers and build up good relationships with suppliers and clients when you’re working in a marketing role but what does it really take? Jobs with companies like are open to graduates of any degree, though a qualification in marketing or communications may give you an advantage. You may work for an agency or in-house, either as part of a dedicated department or allied to the PR or communications department. Many large organisations will have a dedicated marketing stream as part of their graduate scheme, or offer a marketing placement as part of their rotations. Smaller companies may occasionally offer marketing assistant roles.

They are less likely to have a structured scheme but will provide on-the-job training to enable you to build the practical skills required.

Speculative applications can be a good way in, particularly to smaller companies, but ensure you have researched the organisation well and expressed your skills and abilities through your CV and covering letter. Careers fairs and other networking events can be a good way of finding contacts and help you get into a role. Specialist agencies can also be a good way of breaking into the sector.

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) suggests that the average starting salary for marketing roles is a very reasonable £22,000, though this may differ considerably if you are employed within the marketing department of a business that operates in a different sector. Salaries of £50,000 and beyond are not unknown for senior roles. Agencies are typically a freer, if more high-pressured environment. The client cannot walk over to your desk every hour to check your progress, but there is more riding on success. There is more variety available, and a stronger sense of teamwork. You can gripe to each other about the client because you won’t be working for them forever.

Working in-house will mean that you are quite focused; responding to the needs of the business. However, you may find yourself performing the same tasks year after year. What’s more, there will be company politics to deal with. On the plus side, you will know the company more intimately, and be better positioned to answer its needs.


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Ways to Embrace the Great Outdoors in Melbourne

You’ve seen the sports stadiums at their finest, you’ve watched surfers carve up with waves with their surfboards, you’ve sampled superb cuisine and you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped. How else can you relax on your trip to Melbourne? What else is there to do that can excite you but relax you all at the same time? Have you thought about Melbourne’s natural landscapes?

Melbourne is of course, a hotbed of culture, noise and city life. Clubs, pubs, bars and blossoming skyscrapers that reach endlessly toward the sky and that can be wonderful. It can also be a little crowded sometimes. So let’s think of ways you can embrace the great outdoors in Melbourne. With a city of four million people in front of you, it’s easy to forget there’s more than just museums to look at.


Surround yourself with green. I know that sounds, well, rather bizarre. But there’s nothing like utilising your serviced apartments’ kitchen facilities and packing yourselves a picnic the night before a day out. Take yourself into nature and surround yourself with wildlife, age old trees and extremely well-manicured lawns. There’s a pocket of tranquillity in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Short Term Accommodation Melbourne

  • The Royal Botanical Gardens have been around since the mid-1880s and are a labyrinth of winding trees, weaving paths and wide stretching lawns. Spread out that picnic and breathe in the green!
  • There are over 10,000 individual species in the Botanical Gardens but one thing you will find here better than anywhere else is the Moonlight Cinema. Advance screenings, new releases and cult movies all on the Central Lawn, snuggle down with a drink and a nibble and enjoy a film under the stars.
  • If you’re a fan of the water, Melbourne’s many beaches and waterside cafes are for you. St Kilda is a very popular spot for a dip as is Elwood but if you prefer to get on a boat, Hampton and Sandringham are not far.
  • Hampton Beach isn’t only a tranquil place to relax but it’s great for families with a playground and a cycling path nearby for the exercise-conscious. The beach is safe, sandy and perfect for a day lounging and breathing in that ocean-rich air.
  • The original inhabitants of Melbourne were the Wurundjeri people and over in Fitzroy Gardens, you can visit the Scarred Tree, an ancient relic. Beautiful scenery packed with history so your day out is two-fold without even trying!
  • The highest point of land in the city is located at Flagstaff Gardens, so after a long day of exploring you can wind down and enjoy a meal outdoors overlooking the city around you. A small piece of tranquillity in the inner city.

No matter what your choice of activity, visiting and booking your holiday accommodation will be the best choice you make. Central apartments with flexible check in and excellent parking facilities are all you need on your visit to Melbourne. Make it count!

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What to Do to Hire the Best SEO Company

What to Do to Hire the Best SEO Company

If you are hoping to tap the service of SEO experts at to help you get a better footing in your online site ranking and get more visibility on the web, you need to make sure that you are referring to the right people. While you may have a plenty of choices to select from, you have to remember that not every single one will be a good enough option for you. This is why you need to know what should be taken into account so you get the best providers there are.


Be aware that there are certain factors that you want to consider first before you decide. It helps a lot that you take the time to take a closer look at these factors so you are sure that by the end of the day, you only get those that can make a real difference to how you are faring so far, you may not be at an ideal rank when it comes to the search results and these providers may be the answer towards getting you more gravity where your online presence goes.

Always remember that quality SEO is going to cost a lot of money, do not expect to get the best service from the cheapest company that you find, still, it is not reassurance too, that you are getting the best there is simply because you are paying for the most expensive offer. You will need to make sure that you do due diligence to really find out more details about these companies and to decide whether they would be worth their salt.

SEO concept

Many people often make the mistake of that prevalent mentality where the lowest deal is the best deal. Not this time. If you want to get the best service, you have to be willing to pay the costs involved as well. Of course you will also need to find out what are the things that you can do to ensure that you will indeed end up with people that will not be disappointing when it comes to transforming the performance of your site rank-wise.

Get a good look at their sales process. this is always a good way for you to determine what are the things that you can expect from these firms in the long run when they are in the processor trying to convince you to get on with what they are offering, they will want to see to it that they have their best foot forward. If you notice that there are inconsistencies with the way they deal with potential clients like you on this stage, expect that this is only likely going to get worse in the long run. So, if there are red flags that you are noticing now, better ditch them for a different name on your prospect list.

See if they offer proper reporting too. You need to be kept abreast of what they are doing and how they are doing so far with the techniques that they are employing to help improve your overall ranking. You need to see too that there will be dedicated people for you to call and refer to should you have questions. Customer service is also a very crucial factor when you have to decide which SEO company you should be referring to.

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